Does your pizza have the best taste? Are you sure that it reaches your clients in optimum state?”

Adding a single-face pad ensures that the pizza would remain warm and crispy until delivery to the client. The single-face pad guarantees that there will be zero migration of substances from the box to the food and thus, the packaging is compatible with all kinds of boxes. The grooves of the single-face pad retain all greasy or non-greasy substances that make the content soggy. Thus the content remains crispy. The results indicate that it indispensable for any kind of pizza recipe.

General specifications of the single-face pad:

  • Single-face corrugated paper of a thickness of 2.1mm

  • Weight of material 285gr/m2

  • Particularly durable and oil-resistant flutes.

  • Fair-coloured kraft paper flutes made of unbleached clear wood pulp.

  • Available in all dimensions (rectangle of with folding corners)

  • Customized designs to meet your requests for special inner separation.

  • Delivered flat in heat-shrinkable packages weighing 5kg or containing 200 units

  • Proper labelling of packages with all necessary traceability information.


Why use a single-face pad for your pizza box?”

The main advantages of using the single-face pad include:

  • Enables good air circulation and thus the dough remains crispy and “breathes”
  • Liquids flow in the grooves and all greasy substances that make the pizza soggy are absorbed.
  • It has a non-stick action and thus the dough does not stick onto the box. When the pizza sits on the grooves instead of a flat surface the contact surface is reduced and subsequently, the same applies to the surface tension.
  • Increases the thermal capacity of the box and thus keeps the pizza warm for a longer period. Heat diffusion from the warm pizza to the exterior colder air is reduced.
  • It guarantees that the packaging is compatible with all kinds of boxes because it achieves zero migration from the box to the pizza of heavy metals that might be included in recycled paper.
  • Improves the mechanical strengths of the box because the use of a double pad allows for the use of a box that is lighter and of lower quality.
  • Improves the overall image of the pizza box, because the pizza is presented “on a plate” and not “thrown” into the box
  • Allows for the smoother slicing of the pizza on the single-face pad without worrying about tearing the box.
  • Allows for the easier transfer of the pizza from the box on the table and thus, the presence of a large box in front of us is avoided.


The single-face pad is made of long-thread and short-thread unbleached primary paper and is suitable for direct contact with food according to the provisions of article 24 of the FOOD and DRINKS CODE on packaging paper and the provisions of the EU Regulation number 1935/2004.

The product is eco-friendly, 100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable and meets the requirements of the EU Regulation number 13432/2000. Its entire production takes place in our modern facilities in the industrial zone of Oinofyta using state-of-the-art machinery. The high quality of the production process and its compliance with all health requirements follows the ISO 22000:2005 standard.

We always keep in stock in our facilities more than 150 tonnes of raw material guaranteeing the same paper quality. We follow the BUILD to ORDER production approach and we are able to deliver within 10 days (wholesale clients).

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