Continuous quality control is the means to safeguard our quality policy.

Our quality control points include:

  • Quality control during delivery of certified raw materials.

  • Periodic inspection of raw materials and end products carried out by independent certified laboratories in order to meet the standards laid down by the legislation in force on packaging that comes into direct contact with food.

  • Maintenance and control of all certificates of conformity and material safety data sheets (MSDS) for raw and secondary materials

  • Paper quality control laboratory with state-of-the-art instruments to measure weight, gloss, burst tester, moisture content and temperature, bct compression tester, densitometer for printed paper, kit test for oil absorption control and cobb test for water absorption control and the level of the packaging’s water permeability.

  • Quality control in all production stages according to technical specifications sheets.

  • Control and labelling of end products to ensure proper traceability within the production process and in the matrix of raw materials used for the production of the packaging.