Our profound knowledge of the printing process combined with our long experience in colour processing, enables us to make the most of our available technology and equipment and to develop our own innovative technologies and applications.

Speed, quality, confidentiality, trust are our primary concerns and shape our corporate identity.Proof of this, is our long-term cooperation with the largest paper display stands manufacturers, box manufacturers, printing houses and advertising companies in Greece in order to help them meet their needs for large format printing.

We are one of the few printing enterprises in Greece that prints on large format offset printers with printed sheet maximum dimensions of 102×142 cm.

Our machinery includes the state-of-the-art offset printing machine by the German company ΚΒΑ, which can produce prints in 5 colours working in a production speed of 12,000 sheets/hour.

We use a CTP printing plate inscription system with laser and simultaneous development that allows for the production of large printing plates with low cost and great speed. Hardware and software comes from the famous graphic arts company AGFA GEVAERT.

The flexo roll to roll machine meets all needs up to 4 colours, with a printing width of 120cm. It has a latest servo technology with full auto registration. Ink drying is achieved by combining hot air and infrared emitters. Production speed is 180m/min and the printing result is highly satisfactory with improved tone stability especially in spot colours.

All materials are selected based on the best printing results. Inks and varnishes have all the required certifications for use in food packaging.

For optimum printing results, production takes place after having compared a sample against the FOGRA standards, using the know-how of the German company GMG proof control.

The use of specialised machinery such as the printing densitometer, in conjunction with the printing machine’s calibration to the printing plates, guarantee that the final printing quality will be identical to that of the approved sample.

We employ experienced technicians-lithographers who, together with specialised engineers, achieve optimum results. Our production level is always ready to meet even the most demanding printing requests by delivering high-quality end products while meeting tight deadlines.